Sunday, February 28, 2010

Neile's Butterfly Jewelry

One of my very favorite Etsy purchases came from this beautiful shop!

Neile handcrafts the most gorgeous jewelry for butterfly lovers. I purchased my necklace in early '08 and absolutely love it. The real blue morpho butterfly is encased in glass, and has funky metal detailing around all the edges. It is an incredible piece that I just want to stare at all day long. It is very sturdy, yet not heavy at all. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I could gush on and on about my necklace, which is probably why I wear it all the time!
I highly recommend you browse Neile's incredible work on Etsy! She makes necklaces in all sizes (with single wings too), rings and earrings. She is an incredible artist!
After you are done oooohing and ahhhhhing about these next photos, click on them to see the listings in her shop!
Some of my favorites!
So unique

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  1. WOW! Those are GORGEOUS! I'm going to check out her site!