Saturday, February 27, 2010

Save Your Wine Corks!

I've been working on this collection for awhile now, and love the character it adds to our dining room! There are lots of friends and family to thank for the many corks thus far. The frame was a thrift store score. I found some Elmer's Wood Glue in our basement, and keep it upstairs now, as this is a board that slowly grows, cork by cork. Any glue would work for this project though.

I usually add them in pairs, with a few champagne corks, (cut in half), scattered here and there. You could cut all your corks in half if you wanted, but I leave mine whole so they stick out more.

A great little dining room piece!


  1. adam and i have been wanting to do this for a while now! we've been saving our wine corks and someday soon we'll have one too! love your glass star fish too. As usual you have the cutest ideas ever!

  2. Hey folks, you might want to read the book "Cork Boat" by John Pollack for inspiration. Great book and writer!

  3. I love how you're displaying this as it's being filled. Very cool!

  4. I have heard about an organization called CORKCLUB, whose goal is to continue to grow wine cork recycling, repurpose and recycle the corks, and make donations to worthwhile causes. Its really a nice step, I have a huge collection of wine cork, going to ship them soon.