Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 Hummingbird Festival Call to Artists

Hummingbirds begin to arrive in Ketchikan in March. The Discovery Center invited artists to decorate feeders with unique designs, using varied media. The feeders will be displayed throughout City Park, and then auctioned off after the display period.

This is how the hummingbird feeder started out...
After going in a few different directions, I came up with this very Alaskan, ocean inspired theme for my feeder.
I love maps, and decided to mod podge ocean pieces surrounding Alaska on to the main portion of the feeder. Most items were found, but the star fish are made out of clay. I have playdough molds I made for the boys from real Star fish, and used those molds to make polymer star fish for this project. A bit of metallic paint in shades of orange and purple really made them come to life.
All of the treasures and additions were found by my babes on our many trips to the beach. Chase was very excited to contribute, while Jackson was a bit upset that his penny was stuck to the feeder.
I added a bunch of copper wire swirls to lend a polished look. Wrapped and knotted twine added texture and helped transform the original red plastic.

Lastly, I really doused it in layer after layer of super tough polyurethane, which will hopefully protect it on the rainy days!


  1. Thanks Tristan! By the time I was done with it, I wanted to keep it! :) I am excited to see how other people decorated them!