Tuesday, April 6, 2010

StarFish Co. Cool Alaskan Inspired Clothing I love!

A few years ago I discovered AK Starfish Co. at a craft fair in Juneau. What drew me in right away was actually her booth presentation! She had her logo printed on a huge tarp for her sign! I thought it was beyond clever!
I really enjoyed visiting with the artist and creator, Marci. Like a true AK Girl, she was rockin' her xtra tufs, paired with a super cute skirt from her line of awesome skirts. I have to say I LOVE HER SKIRTS! They are fitted a bit, and then flair out at the bottom, for a flattering fit. The best part is, she uses awesome natural type fabrics and wools for the skirts, but then includes a second skirt layer underneath, with a major, contrasting pop of color, for a fresh and funky style! So fun, unique, and cute with boots!!
Her screen prints are from original drawings inpired by her life in Alaska. She has her AK Wild Salmon line, and I REALLY want this purple and turquoise combo top, (which is only one of my absolute favorite color combinations!)
Another favorite of mine is this brown hoodie with the logo in an unexpected location on the shoulder blade!

The grey is pretty tempting too!

I love her color palette, and the softness of the shirts she prints on! Jackson got the grey shirt with the red starfish, and Chase got the green (of course) with the light green salmon!

I have better photos I will add later, of the boys in their shirts! They love their soft, comfortable t shirts, and I love the Alaskan style!
Oh yeah, and if you can't find her at a craft fair, she has a website...and she offers FREE SHIPPING within Alaska!

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