Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Win FREE Pajamas in the Hatley Photo Contest!

Who doesn't love the adorable prints that splash across Hatley's pajamas, and rain gear?
Did you know they have a photo contest and the winner wins FREE pajamas?!?

Chase won last August with this photo!

A few behind the scenes shots

He was dancing like the bears on his pajamas...

He was very excited to pick new pajamas off their website!

I tried to convince him to pick these...

He ended up selecting these (Another great pick, but they are all really great!)
Another favorite
Hatley has a website, where you can order directly, or find a location near you! You can also become a fan of Hatley on Facebook to get updates on special deals, etc.

So if you own some Hatley pajamas, take some photos, and enter them in the contest!

You can't beat fun, soft, quirky kids pajamas!

Ciao ciao,


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