Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boats of the Day!

Boats have so much character and personality, and I think I will start sharing some of my favorite photographs captured on our "pirate" adventures around town! Here are some from today...

Who ever owns this boat has to be cool! :)

Could this be for Melissa Colleen perhaps? ;) I told the boys it was anyways!

My boys love to ask me the names of boats, and usually laugh hysterically each time I tell them a name. The idea of boats having names just cracks them up!

Rayana just received a new shipment of fleece for SLUGS, and we had decided one of the fabrics looked very "Gypsy"ish...I have to add this to the SLUGS listing!

Jack's favorite color is blue...

Pretty Little Lady

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  1. Can we please go on a boating expedition when I am up there visiting?!? I love these!!