Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crochet Pirate Hat, Original Design, for Chase's 5th Birthday!

Buon Compleanno Chaser Racer! Happy Birthday!

I have had a vision of this hat in my head for a long time, but finally got to making it in time for Chase's 5th Birthday! He is so happy with it! (And, now Jackson can have the monkey hat full time...phew!)
I am really excited about the extra details like this "bandana knot" with the tails hanging loose.

I am feeling really ambitious with my crocheting now, and wish there were more hours in the day to do it! I like my new found freedom with it. I am not much of a patterns kind of girl, and luckily, crocheting has started to click in my head. I am finally to the point where I can figure out how to make a shape that I want, without too much time spent experimenting! When I was trying to learn how to crochet early on though, Crochet Pattern Central was my go to resource for anything I needed, and everything is free!
A back shot of the little ear complete with a gold hoop!
I am really proud to say this hat is a one of a kind, created just for my sweetie pie Chaser! I am sure there will probably be another pirate version in the works soon, for First Mate Jack.

Happy 5th Birthday Chase!

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