Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make Cool Coasters for Everyone You Know!

I made a large set of these recycled Alaskan Brew label coasters for our game room awhile back! These coasters are really fast to make, and can be personalized with anything flat, so get out your pictures, tickets, cards, drawings, labels, newspapers, magazines, or WHATEVER, and make a set of awesome coasters for everyone you know! :) I am thinking some pressed dried leaves, and SHAMROCKS are next on my list of coasters to make!

***A little tip for removing beer labels: Leave the bottle completely submerged in water until the label can be easily peeled off. If you start to pull it off, and it is still sticking in areas, just put it back in the water. Then just lay the label carefully on a paper towel and let it dry completely before using.

You can also get brand new Alaskan Brewing Company labels at the Brewery Gift Shop in Juneau, all the while sampling new beers and browsing their awesome apparel! For those that can't get there, you can still explore their awesome website here.

***If you like to brew your own beer like my husband, you can even recycle the bottle by cleaning/sterilizing it and saving it for your next batch of home brew!


Anyways, let's get back on track!

This is what you need: 3.5" Clear Acrylic Photo Memory Buttons. I found mine at Joann's in Juneau, and they are available online at here.

As you can see, the two plastic sides snap apart, and the pin back is easily removed. You can use the included paper insert as a guide to cut out the circle shape from whatever material you have chosen to use.

Then, just snap the two sides back together! These buttons are well designed so even though you can easily snap them apart when you are trying, they won't come apart on their own!

Ready to gift them? Everything looks cool tied up in a bit of twine, don't you think??

Joann's also had some mini photo buttons...I thought this would be another quirky gift idea for a game room, etc. Because really, how many people already have cool coasters for their shotglasses?? :)

So tell me, what are you going to put in your coasters??

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  1. Oh I am now jealous. I love collecting pins so please can you give me some of this hihihi