Thursday, April 29, 2010

Part TWO, Adventures on Pirate Island, aka Gravina and the Bridge to Nowhere

Adventures on Gravina Island, Part Two
Continued from here...

Chase "found" the second treasure chest on this old sunken ship!
Pirates comparing their treasures!

Everyone helped me collect this beautiful beach glass to fill my Beach Glass Star Fish Ornaments!
Jackson examining the contents of one of the amazing treasure chest discoveries of the day! They both had an assortment of large shells, gaudy jeweled earrings (thrift store scores), European coins (left over from travels), skull charms, and one had a pair of sunglasses! Hopefully the pirates don't miss their treasure chests too much, because we took them home! ;)
Real pirates are best fueled by a little pb & j sustenance.
Jackson would like everyone to know that he is now 3 and a big boy!!
The boys re enacted the finding of the treasure boxes over and over and over!
Chase found me a beautiful "ring" on the beach, (a beach glass bottle top.)
Isn't it lovely??
If you are interested in real Alaskan beach glass jewelry, check out my friend Tristan's Etsy shop, AlaskaRocks!
Jackson was intent on trying to throw the biggest rocks he could find into the water!
Ciao Ciao Pirate Island. We will definitely be back.
Planes were flying all around us during the trip back to the home land, which definitely added some excitement to the ride!
I think our kayak has been my favorite purchase we have made together as a family! The fact that we can fit all four of us in, can take it on lakes and the ocean, and can even bring friends along, makes it so easy for us to have exciting adventures! I didn't know anything about inflatable kayaks, and was expecting them to be much more like rafts...not at all! It is completely solid and sturdy, and is also much less expensive than a hard shell. We got ours through Southeast Sea Kayaks, and could not be more pleased!
Of course I had to wear one of my AK Girl headscarves while out on the water! :)
In the back, Jack Jack and Dad.

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