Friday, April 2, 2010

Samsonite Suitcase into Dinosaur Paradise

This might very well be the neatest project I have EVER made for the boys. Seriously! I am thrilled with the end result, and have to thank Kalleen, for her tutorial on her blog, At Second Street, for the BRILLIANT idea, and the introduction to what just might be my new favorite material to use, "Great Stuff." I am debating about whether I can cover everything in my house with it, because it is that much fun to use!

So, this cute little brown Samsonite suitcase was a thrift store score. Looks nice, clean, compact, and easy to store, right?

Well, upon opening this nice little suitcase, this is what you will find!

An incredible land for the boys' dinosaurs, full of green foliage, sparkling clear water, moss, rocks, caves, tunnels, secret hideaways, a waterfall, and of course a volcano! The best part is that all of the materials are completely attached, (except the roaming dinosaurs) making it durable and safe for my babes!

The boys collected rocks from the driveway.

Could you imagine taking this through Customs in an airport?!? :) I would love to see the face of whoever was opening this for an inspection! We might have to bring it on our next trip to Seattle!

I spent about $18 on the whole project, and I couldn't be more pleased!

***I am not actually done with it yet, as I am doing the "lava" tomorrow, but I need to let everything dry, and couldn't wait to photograph it! Will post a final of the completed volcano later!***

Ciao ciao,



  1. you are the best mommy in the world! oh and look, you have a new follower! =)

  2. Melissa,
    Great Job. I love it. The water looks great. Thanks for sharing. I'm doing a post featuring other suitcases, I'll be linking to yours too if that is okay?

  3. Nice! I'm trying this one with my kids this summer

  4. I wanna have another baby..just so he/she can play with one of these. LoL Im 50 years aint happening..but! I have two kids still at home who are home schooled and they are going to love this project though I did note that foam stuff is for adults only the rest they can do. very cool ..thank you for the wonderful inspiring post. hugs Michelle

  5. Please please tell me how you did the water!!!