Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wonderful (and Practical) Vintage Finds

I found two really deep bookcases for our living room awhile back, and have been slowly arranging some of my favorite thrift store scores in with our books. It is really easy to collect interesting things for display value in your home, but I always try to think about how I can really use something too...Here are some ways that I have actually been able to USE my great finds in our everyday life...

This awesome red train case holds almost all of my jewelry making tools. It is the perfect length for all of my hammers, and is even easy to carry around. ***Growing up, I kept my craft supplies in a blue train case my mom gave me, which is downstairs right now. I am too lazy to go photograph it right now... :) Maybe later.

I couldn't pass up on this sweet little box reminiscent of old school house days. It gives my boys easy access to their crayons, (which hasn't proven to be best decision for the walls in Jackson's room) but the box is way too cute.

Playing piano is a fond memory of my younger years, and this toy piano was quite a hit with the boys. They got a lot of hours of play out of it, but after dropping it a few times, the inside pieces have come apart... As a result, most of the keys no longer work, but I still love to look at it!

This giant commemorative Mason jar was quite a find, and it is the perfect place to collect our spare change!

I found this shiny silver decorative starfish, which was a beautiful finishing touch on my map mirror for the boys' pirate bathroom.

I was so excited to find these vintage books, which are actually binders, for my book case! I replaced the original pages with photo album pages.

I am in love with this cover! The original reading material was fun to read, and now it is going to hold our own home decorating photos!

These covers are so much more interesting to look at then plain photo album covers!

AND...the spines add so much vintage character to my bookcase!

What is old is new again...

For those of you who love vintage treasures, I will have more posts like this to come...

I would love to hear any ideas on how you USE your vintage finds!

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  1. love all your finds! thrifting is one of my favorite saturday activities...which you lived closer so we could go together ;-)