Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Xtra Tuf Clogs! Where Did You Get Your Shoes??

Are these not the CUTEST clogs you have ever seen?? :)

Who says rainboots can't be refashioned?

Supply list:

Extra (Or should I say Xtra) Boots (Mine were a thrift store score!)
Knife (I tried scissors but it was difficult to get a clean cut during the reshaping of the boots)


Trace a line to cut and give yourself a little extra from what you think you want your final shape to be...after trying them on, you can always cut down more, but if you cut too much off, there isn't much you can do! Think about if you want them to be straight across or curved...you can even get ideas from other shoes you own.
I designed mine to be clogs, but you could also leave a little boot in the back to hug your heel, or make a pair of slides, etc.
Take your sharp knife and pierce into the boot. This is the hardest part...it is much easier to cut once you get started! Use a pushing and sawing motion to cut along your lines. After you are pleased with your basic shape, spend a little time "smoothing" out your lines to give your fabulous new shoes a more finished look!
Here is what mine looked like before trim...

I found that slightly curving the cut across the top made them more flattering!
I actually really liked them just like this, but decided I wanted to see what they would look like with trim too.
*If you want to add trim to your clogs like I did, you also need:
Large needle designed for leathercraft/heavy materials
(Ketchikan residents, you can find them at Rainforest Crafts and The Point)
Any kind of tough and thick thread (I used twine left over from my beach glass starfish ornaments)
*Learn from my trial and error...
I WAS able to use scissors to cut the "trim" from the tops of my boots.
I figured I could just glue the trim down...Not so much! Even with a really strong all purpose glue, (meant for plastic, and a million other materials), it kept lifting off.
I decided to sew the trim down. I used a really heavy duty leather craft style needle, and I have to admit it took a lot of twisting and pushing to get it through the two layers (trim and boot). Finally I tried pushing and pulling the needle through, while squeezing it with jewelry pliers, and the job became a hundred times easier and faster! I only needed one stitch on each side and then I knotted the twine on the inside.
What do you think? :)


  1. WHAT this is wonderful. My boyfriend (a non Alaskan) just went "ohhhh noooooo". I think it was a groan of excitement.

  2. I so agree...what a fabulous idea...and yes, they are "Alaskan Awesome"

  3. you are the most creative person ever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!

  4. This is awesome im gunna do it to my shorties!

  5. I love it! Hey why not try a swiveling heel strap like crocks have? You could attach it with a chicago screw or leather rivet and cut the hole with leather punch...hmmm have to try this myself.