Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carlos Rojas Photography, Alaska at it's Finest

You can hear water crashing over rocks and the tide rushing back into the ocean, when you take in his beachscapes and waterfalls. Every color in the crayon box seems to be present in his scenes, and reflected in his skies. It is as if he literally steals that magical second in time from his surroundings and transfers it on to paper. He successfully captures the spectacular, but also has the eye for emphasizing beauty that many are not as lucky to have noticed.

If you don't know him already, meet this very talented friend of mine, Carlos Rojas.
"I use a camera, lenses, and the natural light outside to create my vision. However, the camera would not be enough to capture all the colors and range of tones that are viewed by our senses. The digital darkroom gives me the ability to fine tune, optimize and adjust contrast, colors, luminosity and tonality in an attempt to represent the experience and highlight the emotions I felt.I believe, as in all of art, evoking an emotional response is the most special quality of a photograph."
Simply Magnificent would have to be my words for his portrayal of our great and wondrous surroundings. Every photograph is infused with his undeniable passion for the wondrous Alaskan outdoors. The watercolor skies, the texture in the trees, the fleeting reflection in a tide pool, the vibrant colors of changing leaves, the feeling that there may have never been anything quite as beautiful before...all of these elements are present throughout his collection.
Now I will let his pictures do the talking...







Carlos captures what some of us are lucky to witness from time to time, yet no detail or emotion is lost in his translation. There is no saying, "You just had to be there to see how great it really was," when you see how he captures the magic of an Alaskan sunset. His photographs make you feel as if you are living in that exact fleeting moment when the colors of the sky are impossibly intense.

His incredible work is available for viewing and sale on his personal website, http://www.cralaskaimages.zenfolio.com/. You can also find a large selection of his prints at the Fish Creek Company in Ketchikan.

If you want an enchanting Alaskan portrait on a wall in your home,
you want it to have been taken by Carlos Rojas.


  1. ...at first, I liked it... but, while I appreciate his "eye" and his talent, and for some these pictures will click...they are too slick for me and my eye, and my experience of Alaska. They remind me of L.A. rather than the splendid Alaskan landscape.
    Obviously he has talent. A little less photoshop will do.

  2. WOW! I think these are amazing!!! Sunsets in Alaska are magical and the intense colors that only last for a few seconds are really captured here!!! Beautiful work! Thanks for shareing.

  3. Wow, awsome images on his website. Thanks for the link!!

  4. Yours is some of the finest photography I have seen ever. It speaks to a philosophy I have long held, that photography is not just about taking a true representation of a scene but of trying to capture the feeling and essence of it. I have been taking photographs for over 60 years and never grow tired of the wonders all around us. Just wish I was young enough to start it all over again.