Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Enchanting Colors of Spring

Welcome to Whale Park, while everything is in full bloom. This gorgeous little park is a favorite adventure site for the boys, is located right in the middle of downtown Ketchikan, is shaped like a whale (hence the name) and has even been known to host a few geocaches from time to time!

The large blooms have transformed the park into an enchanting garden.

Obviously I couldn't resist this lighting and built in frame... (I wonder if I could fade out the street in the background?)

Someday I will learn to grow and nurture a garden like this...

Apparently my claim to fame is in a slightly different direction...Last year Chase made sure to tell everyone that his mom was the best at growing dandelions! Thank you Chaser, for tooting my horn! :)

I have since taken to planting forget me nots and daisies...everywhere. Gotta stick to what works!

Lovely little church

The colors are so refreshing! Spring is here!

Happy Spring!

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  1. I love that Chase was proud of you for growing dandelions! So adorable!!!