Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LadyBug Quilt for a Preschool Fundraiser!

Chase's preschool class has a quilt raffle fundraiser every year. This year the money is funding the "Preschool Scrapbooks." These scrapbooks are a treasure for families to keep and look at over and over. Content is added throughout the year. His two fabulous teachers, Miss Diana and Miss Ann help the kids with so many clever projects and pieces of art. They also record comments from each of the students that are absolutely hilarious. The scrapbook is also full of gorgeous photography of all the kids throughout the year, and wonderful portraits of your child at each event.

2nd year preschoolers at Holy Name School are Ladybugs.

Rhonda Bolling, a fellow preschooler Mama, (of twin girls) helped me pick out these gorgeous batik fabrics. They feel really earthy and have amazing hues of color. Rhonda is one of our local photographers and took pictures of the quilt so that I had a little record of it! You should check out her professional work on her website. She has a real talent for making her subjects feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. She gets personalities to really shine in the portraits she takes!

I created the ladybug bodies with a cute red polka dot fabric. Each child's face is transfered with dark tshirt transfer paper.

The kids made their own ladybug spots by dipping their finger tips in black fabric paint.

I added the four sections of grass and one daisy for a little visual interest. Each item is fused down with steam a seam and sewn completely around with a zig zag stitch.

I used an extra puffy batting, and decided tying the quilt would feel like blades of grass all over the place. In true Melissa form, this was finished with about a minute to spare. Rayana and I learned how to layer the layers of blanket and tie it. Thank you Rayana for many hours spent tying this quilt. And thank you to my mother for explaining how to add the borders, showing me how to do the binding (and then going on to just finish the binding!)


What everyone in my family will be very glad to hear is that I now vow not to volunteer for projects that I do not exactly know how to do already, and that I will stick to quilt tops only from this day forward...

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  1. Hey Melissa... This is so cool. First time I've had a chance to check this out. Thanks for the kind words. Love all your stuff. Thanks again for all your work on the quilt. We feel super-duper lucky to have won the raffle. Hope you are having a great summer! Let's seriously try to get the kids geocaching this summer. :-) Rhonda