Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nothing Says I LOVE YOU like a LOCKET!

When I was young, I loved to look at my mom's jewelry. There was one piece that I especially liked. My dad had given her a locket, with an engraved P and a tiny diamond, which always stood out as my favorite piece of hers. There was just something about it, and also knowing it was one of the first presents he gave her, that made me think it was really special.
Probably because of this locket, I have always had a certain fondness for them. They are mysterious, personal, endearing treasures. I have a few, and wanted to find a way to enjoy the collection, and not just keep them in a jewelry box. I came up with the idea to gather them all together on a charm bracelet. The random stones and mixed metals give it a funky feeling, and the mostly heart shaped theme ties it all together. The lockets remind me of different times and adventures in my life.
How do you find ways to enjoy your collections?

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