Monday, May 17, 2010

Story Boats, Part 3

Are you ready for an Adventure?

Calling all Lil' Rascals...

...that need to be Killin' Time...("Mom, we don't say Kill right?")

"Baby, why don't we go down to Kokomo?..."

(One of my fave songs to sing with the kids, so we were very excited to find this one!)

Can you move as fast as the Silver Surfer?

Anything that includes Maiden sounds like a beautiful name for a boat to me...

I suppose you could say ThoseAlaskanGirls are "Pro Alaskan"... :)

Question: If you had your own boat, what would you name it?

*Rayana..."Barnacle Bill"
*Chase..."Treasure Boat
*Jack Jack "BananaHead"
*Melissa "Cerulean"
(I also always liked the name of my family's boat, which was "Gypsy Rose.")
So tell us, what would you name your boat, OR what is the name of your boat??

1 comment:

  1. When I lived in Alaska our boats name was Blood Lust...umm not sure exactly the story behind that. Bacha Boat would be my chosen name if I ever had my own :)