Friday, May 21, 2010

Two Day Getaway to Pretty Petersburg, Alaska

I took a quick two day trip to lovely Petersburg for my job with Peace Health. We couldn't have timed it better for the weather! We fit two community forums and another meeting in to our two days.
***Just a little FYI if you are ever hosting an event in Petersburg...Liv & Heidi's Kjokken Catering Service is fabulous! They catered all three of our meetings and everything was incredibly delicious! Not to mention, Liv and Heidi are sweet as can be. :)
Here are a few shots I snapped of the picturesque town while we were walking back and forth between the Waterfront Bed and Breakfast and the Petersburg Medical Clinic.

Here was the wonderfully Alaskan view from my room...




(My camera was left on digital macro for previous closeup jewelry photography, and I didn't realize this while we were there, so the quality of these photos is a bit grainy...sorry! :) )

I want my craft room to be this glowing turquoise color!

(This next photo is for my parents...look what I stumbled upon in Petersburg!!!...)

Now I am very excited about these next photos! The crafty Petersburg folk PAINT their Xtra Tufs! WHAT a GRAND idea! They beautifully embellished them in the traditional painting style called Rosemaling, (Norwegian Rose Painting). Charming touches of this style can be seen on many Petersburg shopfronts, which celebrates their rich history and tradition.

This wonderful boot was found inside The Cubby Hole...a fantastic little craft store with all sorts of awesome supplies. I dropped a bit more money than anticipated when I discovered the charm section! :) Stay tuned for new designs on Etsy very soon! Kathy, the owner, said they use oil paints on the boots, which seem to hold up fine with light wear. I am definitely going to let this idea roll around in my head for a bit...

Lee's Clothing Store also had a handpainted Xtra Tuf welcoming customers in the front door. Lee's is a great store for ALL of your outdoor clothing, camping gear, shoes and boots, accessories. I finally got a pair of Smart Wool pants for camping/kayaking trips with the fam! They also carry a GORGEOUS selection of Norwegian sweaters, blankets, and jewelry.

All in all, it isvery apparent that Petersburg has extremely talented and creative artists!

They also have some cool shop names, like Wild Celery, Forget Me Not Floral, Seaport Gallery, and the Cubby Hole, among many other wonderful shops!

I am really looking forward to the time when ThoseAlaskanGirls can make it happen, and join in on the Little Norway Festival and Oktoberfest Fun in Petersburg, Alaska!

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