Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Would you dress your kids up like YARD JUNK??

Ketchikan is a great place to spend the 4th of July! For this year's kiddie parade, we had a woodland garden theme, (in red,white,and blue). The group consisted of two fairies, four garden gnomes, and one caterpillar. The kids had a blast!

Quote of the day:

My dad, "Are they Santa Clauses? Oh....Gnomes.... huh...Like yard junk?)

I crocheted the red hats in a triple crochet because we put the outfits together two days before the parade! They worked up really fast with the thick red yarn and large stitch. I crocheted the beards with a really fuzzy yarn and a thick and soft white yarn, and used elastic to attach to the hats.

Did you notice how well XTRATUFS fit into the Garden Gnome costumes? :)


The kids also made the front page of our local newspaper! (Photo Courtesy of Tom Miller, Ketchikan Daily News)

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