Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Would you say I DO in your XtraTufs??

We were so excited that our childhood friend Molly and her new husband Matt decided to return to Ketchikan for their wedding! Molly asked us, ThoseAlaskanGirls, to make gift bags for her 37 out of town guests, Alaskan style of course. We accepted the job after she agreed to let us sneak in on the wedding photo shoot, and take a few pix of our own! :) Thank you to Molly for being such a beautiful, beaming bride...

The first three gorgeous photos are the work of our talented photographer and friend, Rhonda Bolling. I have also mentioned her before here. Thank you Rhonda for being such an amazing photographer, being so flexible and relaxed to let us jump in for a bit, and for generously sharing your photos with us! :)

Molly's Maid of Honor, Erin, is also a good friend of ours, and another true Alaskan Girl! *Erin wore Xtra Tufs to my wedding...Now I will have to go dig up that photo!* (If you check our website profile, you will find both Molly and Erin in the credits.)

Bridesmaids need SLUGS too!

The Bridal SLUGS were a hit, as you can see! :) Notice the extra stitch detail in a beautiful leaf pattern!

Aren't they almost as lovely as the bride ?? :)




Congratulations to

Molly & Matt!


And here are some inspiration pictures from our fans...


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  1. Gorgeous! Love it! I totally would wear rubber boots if I was getting married (but I am married already) or renewing my vows - esp. in Alaska!