Sunday, October 10, 2010

AS SEEN ON ETSY: Support Alaskans, Shop Local!

One of my earliest blog posts was in support of all of our local Ketchikan shops on Etsy, which you can read here. I thought it was time to update that list a bit. Click on the shop banners to check out all of the shops! Some of them are currently on vacation, so in that case, try to check back later! Support Alaskans, and Shop Local!
Isn't fun to see all the different styles, interests, and handiwork of Ketchikan artists? I really hope the number of local shops continues to grow!

~~~ ~~~

So many shops for you to browse! :)
***If you are a Ketchikan Etsy Shop Owner, and I missed your shop... Please don't be offended, and send me a message or comment so I can add your shop to the list! ***

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