Sunday, October 3, 2010


It is almost that time... Halloween! What do you do when you'd rather not spend a lot of money on a cheaply made costume? Look in your closet (and your friends/boyfriend's/mom's/kids) and be creative. Costume magazines and online shops are great sources for inspiration. Pay attention to colors and themes, so you can recreate the look with items you already own!

Raid your kids' dress up bin for hats. Scarves can be worn as hair wraps, belts, bracelets, or a skirt. Fabric and tulle can be draped over dresses you already own to make them look more costumey. Everyday bracelets can be stacked and mismatched!


We had two goals. We wanted to create Halloween ensembles completely from our own closets... Our other goal was to give our beloved RAINBOOTS a starring role in each of the costumes! Here are the first photos, with more to follow through out the month!

The Mermaid

We began with a light green J.Crew strapless bridesmaid dress. The tail comes together with Pea Green Hunters and wrapped green tulle. A white summer tank with a sea horse is layered under a mossy green shrug. Old netting is tied into bracelets. Flower hair clips, pearls, and a large shell necklace were all picked up in Hawaii. More thoughts: Body Glitter, temporary tattoos, more jewelry, bikini top, etc. A mermaid is a great costume option for Alaskan girls that could easily be accompanied by "Fishermen!"

The Witch

Who said witches have to look mean? I think they should look whimsical and adorable! This was a 10 year class reunion cocktail dress. Toss a black scarf over your shoulders for a cape accessory. (Doesn't everyone own some kind of black scarf?) Look through your jewelry for big impact earrings and bracelets in black, purple, orange, and green! We found this little headband hat for $2 at Walmart. Fishnet tights, SLUGS, and Purple Hunters finish the look. Don't forget the household broom!


Na na na na na na na na BATGIRL! We borrowed Jake's shirt, and my boys' batman mask. The black scarf was again worn as a cape. SLUGS and Yellow Hunters bring the idea up a notch!


This cute pirate girl cuffs her xtra tufs down, rolls up her jeans, and the black scarf wears perfectly as a belt. For pirate ensembles, think stripes, bandanas, velvets, bold buttons, gaudy gold jewelry, chains, and anything with skulls. For your bottom half, dig out your baggy pants, gauchos, skirts, or dresses with handkerchief hemlines. Torn tights look great if you opt for a skirt or dress! Don't worry so much about matching colors. Belts are an important touch, and an eye patch will make anything look pirate~like!

The Owl

For those who want to be festive without feeling like they are wearing a full costume! Purchase or make a festive mask, and then look for colors in your wardrobe that remind you of that animal or character. The brown shirt and orange scarf looked very beautiful for an outdoor nature look, and the Yellow Hunters are perfect little claws!

The Army Girl

Borrow from your husband/boyfriend or find at the thrift store...any kind of jacket or coat that plays into your intended theme. Big and long pieces have more impact as a costume. You can sew the sides in a bit to make large men's shirts look more flattering and feminine! (Don't do that if you are borrowing though!) :) Here we have a camo hat, camo jacket, camo SLUGS and Xtra Tufs!

Check back for more fun costumes showcasing RainBoots as we approach Halloween!


  1. Great ideas TAG!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Very nice dress up i like that mermaid dress more.zombie costumes

  3. That army girl is hardcore! I like the idea of the mermaid. So clever!

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