Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's AUCTION TIME! (ThoseAlaskanGirl Donations) Support Holy Name School!

My boys are both attending Holy Name School now, and the school's largest fundraiser happens to be the Alaska Day Auction! Rayana and I wanted to put together some really fun "baskets" to donate. Here is what we came up with...

On the left we have the "Ketchikan Baby" box the included Kiddie Xtratufs, Little Sluggies, Tongass, the stuffed Slug, a crocheted wool pom pom hat, and a Kayhi Kings Embroidered Kid's Tshirt, and a brown bandana. (Everything handmade except the boots!)

On the right is the "Alaska Girl" box, that included Polka dot boots, Houndstooth SLUGS, Forget Me Not Flapper Girl Hat, Upcycled Alaska Tshirt Bag, a purple Alaska Grown Tshirt, Funky purple umbrella, teal bandana and Wooden Alaskan Girl earrings!

Then we did a Ketchikan High School themed box that included Kayhi Kings earrings, a Kayhi bolster pillow, grey bandana, and an upcycled Kayhi Tshirt bag!

I spent a lot of time thinking about how we could put a clever twist into packaging our "baskets" and decided they really needed to be in Xtratuf boxes! I noticed the mostly white boxes with stickers and boot information a bit too distracting though, so (last minute of course) I decided they needed to be painted! Luckily acrylic paints dry pretty quickly! My favorite final finishing touch was to GLITTER the wording! The Glitter paint needed the whole night to dry but the effect was so worth it! Duct tape kept the tops standing nicely, and then I used random containers I found in my cupboards to create height for the smaller items in the basket. A coordinating bandana was perfect for concealing the hot cocoa container, baking soda box, nutri grain bar box, etc. :)

We were really happy that they raised some money for such a wonderful school!


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  2. so cute! you are such a talented mommy ;-)