Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ketchikan Area Arts 100 x 100 Gallery Opening

When our local Arts Council moved to the new location (way) back on July 3rd, 2009, they put out a call to 100 artists to donate art in all mediums. Each piece was sold for $100, hence the name 100X100.

Rayana enlarged a gorgeous Rust Portrait, that you will most likely recognize from many of our ThoseAlaskanGirls promotional items. She had it framed in an awesome old wooden frame we scored from a garage sale!

I painted an "A is for Alaska" Acrylic on Canvas print that I thought would be great for an AKBaby's Nursery! I could not find any of my tiny paintbrushes at the time, and the boys were sleeping when I was ready to start, so each little illustration was painted with toothpicks. Seriously!
We love our local Arts Council, and were so excited to be a part of this special gallery opening!

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