Sunday, October 24, 2010

Turkey Table Runner ... A Kindergarten Class Fundraiser

Another little auction project... I will just say, it isn't a good idea to be out of town during early in the year school meetings, because you just might get "volunteered" to do things when you get back! ;) Haha, I did not mind, but did make my mom help me finish this the night before the auction! (Why am I always admitting to my tendency to procrastinate?)

The Festive Fall Turkey Table Runner for the Kindergarten Class Project

The kindergartner's hands made up the turkey feathers and the trees. The beautiful fabrics came from Rainforest Crafts in Ketchikan. Some of the turkeys were facing forward, and some to the side, and I sequined the eyes on with little gold sparkles.

Then, with the clock ticking, the kids movie almost ending, and the table runner almost complete, my mom said, "You should really make some napkins to go with this, with the left over fabric." Yes, for once it was her trying to go above and beyond the night before, and not me. So I picked a fun decorative stitch to stitch around the edges of each napkin, while she handstitched all the binding. My mom is awesome! :) At least the table runner, wasn't as big a project as the Preschool Quilts!

How do you decorate your Fall Table?


  1. This is ADORABLE! How do you keep the fabric from fraying on the edges of the turkey, trees, and leaves? I was thinking of doing this with felt, what do you think?

  2. Such a neat idea and so nicely executed!