Sunday, January 2, 2011

My scarf? It was made by Lauren, from Lolly's Yarn Basket

One of my very favorite scarves was knit with a gorgeous dark purple yarn by my friend Lauren. She has very recently opened up a shop on Etsy, called Lolly's Yarn Basket. Her craftsmanship is impressive and she is committed to using only the highest quality yarns in her work. Her handmade creations are wonderfully soft and exceptionally warm.

I also have to mention that Lauren is a very fun AK GIRL crafter of many talents. Lauren is also a major multi tasker when it comes to crafting, and I don't just mean having lots of projects in various stages of completion. She has actually been known to knit while overseeing her machine embroidering.

I suggest you keep her shop on your watch list... :)


Welcome to Etsy Lauren... We are excited to watch your shop grow!

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