Monday, April 9, 2012

Thrift store Scores ~ Retro Glassware turned Candleholders and more...

Random Thrift Store Scores...


Those who know me very well know I am a little obsessed with old containers... This adorable coffee container is perfect for our shamrocks, don't you think? :)

Another great container turned plant holder!

I was so excited to find this old Learn to Draw book at the thrift store, as I think I may have had the exact one when I was younger! I have so many memories of working through drawing books my mom would get for me, so this really brings me back. Love the way it looks framed.

I found these green glass goblets in a thrift store in Seattle, and the blue glasses in Ketchikan. They quickly became my new favorite candle holders! I am loving how the light reflects through the jewel tone colored glass!

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