Saturday, August 22, 2015

Don't Waste Your Time.. Hack to make your tshirts VINTAGE SOFT does not work!! :/

Have you pinned that hack on Pinterest that says you can easily soften your tshirts with a saltwater soak? I hate to have to rain on the parade but I really was so excited to try this.. It sounded so simple and I LOVE vintage soft tshirts.  These were the instructions:

So far I have tried a few attempts on my collection of Alaska Brewing Co. Tshirts and have not gotten the soft results I was so hoping for... I tried a three day salt water soak.  I tried a 5 day salt water soak.  I tried an ocean water 5 day soak.  No luck..  :/  Has anyone found a way to achieve vintage, buttery soft results on new tshirts? If so, please share tips!  My next ideas are sand paper..  I will report back if I find a solution for the vintage soft results!!


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