Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Have you heard of Lularoe?!  The clothes are so fun and comfortable to wear. Buttery soft leggings and a bunch of different styles of dresses and skirts.  I think I love the skirts the way more people seem to love the leggings! The company limits the number of pieces made in each size and pattern so your pieces feel pretty unique.. That also makes it like a treasure hunt once you figure out the styles you like, to find a print that you LOVE!  Your personal sought after patterns in your size are called your Unicorns.  (I have a few unicorns I am on the lookout for.. Maybe I will post pics of those later.) :)
~These are some of my favorite pieces from Lularoe.  ~
~These are the softest leggings ever!!  Perfect for yoga, around the house or out and about.. This Blue Octopus print was a unicorn of mine for awhile!  Finally found it :). I have one other pair of grey leggings with wolves that are really fun too.~ 
~This is the Azure skirt.  I love this teal pattern with earthy brown feathers. I have one more Azure in an indigo tie dye print that is amazing for summer.~
~This is the long maxi skirt.  I love this simple grey.~
~These are both Cassie pencil skirts.. A navy Aztec pattern above and a vintage floral on black below.~ 
I think the Cassie is my favorite style.  It really doesn't get better than a skirt that can be appropriately styled for work,  fun and comfy for casual, everyday wear...AND can be worn as an infinity scarf!!  I am serious.  Here is the same skirt worn as a scarf..
The Cassies are super wearable.. and great for travel since they pack easily and give you a couple outfit options! I think I even saw a picture on pinterest of someone wearing their cassie as a top!  I haven't tried that yet though.)

If anyone has any Lularoe outfit photos, I want to see!

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