Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Have you heard of Lularoe?!  The clothes are so fun and comfortable to wear. Buttery soft leggings and a bunch of different styles of dresses and skirts.  I think I love the skirts the way more people seem to love the leggings! The company limits the number of pieces made in each size and pattern so your pieces feel pretty unique.. That also makes it like a treasure hunt once you figure out the styles you like, to find a print that you LOVE!  Your personal sought after patterns in your size are called your Unicorns.  (I have a few unicorns I am on the lookout for.. Maybe I will post pics of those later.) :)
~These are some of my favorite pieces from Lularoe.  ~
~These are the softest leggings ever!!  Perfect for yoga, around the house or out and about.. This Blue Octopus print was a unicorn of mine for awhile!  Finally found it :). I have one other pair of grey leggings with wolves that are really fun too.~ 
~This is the Azure skirt.  I love this teal pattern with earthy brown feathers. I have one more Azure in an indigo tie dye print that is amazing for summer.~
~This is the long maxi skirt.  I love this simple grey.~
~These are both Cassie pencil skirts.. A navy Aztec pattern above and a vintage floral on black below.~ 
I think the Cassie is my favorite style.  It really doesn't get better than a skirt that can be appropriately styled for work,  fun and comfy for casual, everyday wear...AND can be worn as an infinity scarf!!  I am serious.  Here is the same skirt worn as a scarf..
The Cassies are super wearable.. and great for travel since they pack easily and give you a couple outfit options! I think I even saw a picture on pinterest of someone wearing their cassie as a top!  I haven't tried that yet though.)

If anyone has any Lularoe outfit photos, I want to see!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Deer Mountain ~Random collection of shots atop this beloved mountain in Ketchikan, Alaska

Some things have changed.  :)  (This picture was taken from the top of Deer Mountain in 1988 and then again in 2013.)
This is one of my all time favorite photos I've taken of the boys!  It looks like they are walking into a painting!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Friendship Mint! (The plant that is easy to share)

I started growing peppermint and spearmint when I was pregnant with Chase (who is now 11).  I almost always have at least one plant going, because a few times I have lost my plant due to leaving it in a windowsill, vulnerable to the hot sun while out of town!  I usually keep it inside because the smell is so wonderful.  I totally forgot I planted a little sprig in this container in my garden last year, from a cutting off of my friend Margaret’s healthy plant.. It is not tiny anymore!  In fact I cut a bunch of sprigs off this morning before I took this picture!!  J Now that I know how well it does outdoors I am probably going to have containers of mint all over the place! Haha!  And all my friends will probably have mint plants pretty soon as well! J   The plant that keeps on giving!   

I have only grown peppermint and spearmint, but there are many other varieties, all of which I’ve read are just as easy to maintain.  And yes, the peppermint and spearmint are significantly different, in fragrance and flavor!  Grow them both!  Lots of water and a good spot in the sun has always worked for me growing mint indoors.  Just don’t let your plant dry out!

When you are sharing, or if someone is sharing with you, cut your sprigs above one of the junctions of the established plant. The sprigs I cut this morning are in jars of water and in a week or so will have a whole bunch of thin white roots hanging down.. That is when they are ready to be planted in some good soil!   I've never tried to grow mint from seed but I have read that it is pretty difficult.  Start with a cutting for a much easier go!

Grow your sprig in a container unless you want the mint to take over everything. It will spread like a weed and steal the resources from everything else if you don’t keep it in check!  (Though a whole garden of mint doesn’t sound like a bad thing.. J)  Use a big container if you want to grow a big plant. A small container will make your plant get root bound quickly which will stall it’s growth.  And you are going to want a big, happy mint plant anyway! 

During the harvesting season don’t pull off all the leaves at once. I usually like to just harvest the amount I need at that time, for dinner, or cocktails.  You can harvest it all right before frost though, because the above ground plant will die off anyways. (The roots will survive and return next spring). The last harvest is a great time to dry for tea!  When I am drying the leaves I just lay them out on a plate.  Once they are crispy and dry I store them in a mason jar.  You can also hang-dry bundles of branches. 

Split your plant every few years so it stays healthy, fragrant and flavorful! Mint is a wonderfully useful plant!  I’ve used it for tea, relaxing baths, on salmon, on potatoes, in lemonade, in mojitos in mint julips, and even on pizza (look up early pizza history.. homemade crust with traditional ingredients of mint, honey and mozzarella are surprisingly delicious!) 
How do you use your mint?

Work Jewelry.. DIY Badge Holder Ideas

I decided to jazz up my badge holder a little!  I used abalone beads, Swarovski crystals and copper wire to put this together.  The wire work reminds me of a rosary.
~Another one.. This one was WAY easier to make, and a perfect use for the jeans Jackson just ripped!  All I did was cut the inside leg seams out. I used metal crimped ends for a finished look, and to make it easy to attached jumprings. (PERFECT for casual Fridays right?!) :)~

Monday, May 23, 2016

New roads to explore in Ketchikan! Weekend adventure

New roads to explore!  The gates are open on the road past Harriet Hunt..  Exciting new adventures for us islanders!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Making a Home: Random shots of my younger son's room

Jackson is very excited to have his own room.  (He likes a clean room.. his brother tends to leave a trail everywhere he goes, so having shared up until now hasn't always been easy.)
Jackson is our little hunter, and managed to talk Tyler into letting him have one of the bear rugs, and a deer head in his room. :)  I found the awesome pirate trunk a couple years back, and made the recycled denim quilt with my mama when I was in highschool.  Jackson thinks it is the coolest thing ever and likes to stash secret things in the pockets.
Jackson got some birthday money and was thrilled to find this antler lamp and camo shade to buy for his new room!
I found this black sketch book for $5 at Walmart and used letter stamps and paint pens that I had left over from the sign I made my mom, to make this personalized book..  Both boys are always drawing their own comics so I figured this would be a good way to keep them together to see the progress.. and also to get a handle on the amount of paper drawings all over the house!

The flamingos had been moved to a different section when we went to the San Diego Zoo, but the ground was still littered in these beautiful feathers!  Jackie jumped the road and got me one! I found this perfect flattened glass ornament at Glory Bee and need to figure out a way to hang it in his window!