Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girls in Boots are So Cute!

My childhood friend Sarah comes back for a visit every 10 years. I have been envisioning some fun AK Girl style photos for some bachelorette style items coming to the shop soon, and I knew Sarah would be the perfect model for a fun little Pin Up Girl photo shoot, Ak Style of course. (And yes, we aren't cheating...she was born in AK, and has the birth certificate to prove it!)

We had a ton of fun in the rain and Sarah loved wearing SLUGS from ThoseAlaskanGirls!!!

I can grow Forget Me Nots!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ThoseAlaskanGirls Models are the Real Deal

In case you were wondering whether our AK Girl models are really true Alaskan girls, here is your proof! (Sorry for the poor photo quality, but I had to take pictures of my old pictures, and they are pretty grainy!)

10ish years ago, and she was already wearing her xtra tufs!

I babysat Britta for years, and was always taking photos of her and her brothers for photo class! It is very cool that she is still a great sport about posing for my photo shoots! :)


Zoom in for the proof! She totally needed SLUGGIES!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Footwear for Date Night?

Some girls wear these. . .

while others wear these. . .

What do you wear while out and about?


Renai shared this photo with us, and it is so fun I had to share it on here... Renai is an Alaskan Grown Seattle girl with a blog that will make your mouth water! You can check it out here!! Thanks Renai for the picture!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ciao Ciao to the JackPack & Double Stroller

It is with a bit of difficulty that I admit my boys have outgrown the double stroller. I've gladly passed on the overwhelming amount of baby equipment we have collected over recent years, but for some reason I am really nostalgic about the blue back pack and the double jogging stroller...

These were the two items that made it possible to leave the house. That eased the panic feeling that came with keeping track of not one, but two little ones. The double stroller that held the boys in the kiddie parade before they could walk themselves. The backpack that gave them fresh air and tons of hair pulling fun.
They also offered a place for little boys to rest...

And be part of the action, but still safe...

So here is my little farewell and tribute to my favorite baby equipment...

It is time to admit my boys are ready to run ahead...

Are you hesitating to let go of any particular baby items?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Xtra Tufs vs. Hunters, Bring It On

We want to hear from you! What is the best rain boot of all time, and WHY?

Leave us your answer in a comment, and include where you are from!


Also, check out the Great Welly Debate, (one of the first blogs to feature SLUGS from ThoseAlaskanGirls back when we were very new!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LadyBug Quilt for a Preschool Fundraiser!

Chase's preschool class has a quilt raffle fundraiser every year. This year the money is funding the "Preschool Scrapbooks." These scrapbooks are a treasure for families to keep and look at over and over. Content is added throughout the year. His two fabulous teachers, Miss Diana and Miss Ann help the kids with so many clever projects and pieces of art. They also record comments from each of the students that are absolutely hilarious. The scrapbook is also full of gorgeous photography of all the kids throughout the year, and wonderful portraits of your child at each event.

2nd year preschoolers at Holy Name School are Ladybugs.

Rhonda Bolling, a fellow preschooler Mama, (of twin girls) helped me pick out these gorgeous batik fabrics. They feel really earthy and have amazing hues of color. Rhonda is one of our local photographers and took pictures of the quilt so that I had a little record of it! You should check out her professional work on her website. She has a real talent for making her subjects feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. She gets personalities to really shine in the portraits she takes!

I created the ladybug bodies with a cute red polka dot fabric. Each child's face is transfered with dark tshirt transfer paper.

The kids made their own ladybug spots by dipping their finger tips in black fabric paint.

I added the four sections of grass and one daisy for a little visual interest. Each item is fused down with steam a seam and sewn completely around with a zig zag stitch.

I used an extra puffy batting, and decided tying the quilt would feel like blades of grass all over the place. In true Melissa form, this was finished with about a minute to spare. Rayana and I learned how to layer the layers of blanket and tie it. Thank you Rayana for many hours spent tying this quilt. And thank you to my mother for explaining how to add the borders, showing me how to do the binding (and then going on to just finish the binding!)


What everyone in my family will be very glad to hear is that I now vow not to volunteer for projects that I do not exactly know how to do already, and that I will stick to quilt tops only from this day forward...

Facebook Photo Contest, Where Do Your Boots Take You??

The Third Facebook Photo Contest was WHERE DO YOUR BOOTS TAKE YOU?

And the Winner (of Custom SLUGS and an I HEART AK necklace) is. . .

Here are some of the many photos entered by our wonderful fans!







See what fun we have on Facebook?!? :) Become a fan of ThoseAlaskanGirls and stay tuned for more photo contests and great prizes!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carlos Rojas Photography, Alaska at it's Finest

You can hear water crashing over rocks and the tide rushing back into the ocean, when you take in his beachscapes and waterfalls. Every color in the crayon box seems to be present in his scenes, and reflected in his skies. It is as if he literally steals that magical second in time from his surroundings and transfers it on to paper. He successfully captures the spectacular, but also has the eye for emphasizing beauty that many are not as lucky to have noticed.

If you don't know him already, meet this very talented friend of mine, Carlos Rojas.
"I use a camera, lenses, and the natural light outside to create my vision. However, the camera would not be enough to capture all the colors and range of tones that are viewed by our senses. The digital darkroom gives me the ability to fine tune, optimize and adjust contrast, colors, luminosity and tonality in an attempt to represent the experience and highlight the emotions I felt.I believe, as in all of art, evoking an emotional response is the most special quality of a photograph."
Simply Magnificent would have to be my words for his portrayal of our great and wondrous surroundings. Every photograph is infused with his undeniable passion for the wondrous Alaskan outdoors. The watercolor skies, the texture in the trees, the fleeting reflection in a tide pool, the vibrant colors of changing leaves, the feeling that there may have never been anything quite as beautiful before...all of these elements are present throughout his collection.
Now I will let his pictures do the talking...







Carlos captures what some of us are lucky to witness from time to time, yet no detail or emotion is lost in his translation. There is no saying, "You just had to be there to see how great it really was," when you see how he captures the magic of an Alaskan sunset. His photographs make you feel as if you are living in that exact fleeting moment when the colors of the sky are impossibly intense.

His incredible work is available for viewing and sale on his personal website, You can also find a large selection of his prints at the Fish Creek Company in Ketchikan.

If you want an enchanting Alaskan portrait on a wall in your home,
you want it to have been taken by Carlos Rojas.