Friday, April 30, 2010

This Song Will Make You Smile

I came across this song about Alaskan Girls...she even mentions Ketchikan!
(Alaskan Folk Funk for the Coffee Counter-Culture)
Written, recorded, and produced by Marian Call
Marian Call, vocals
Patric D'Eimon, guitar

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love Your Mama!

Mother's Day is fast approaching...With Dana at Made, and Disney, at Ruffles and Stuff hosting a huge Celebration of Moms, I was inspired to create a few new necklaces!

For the Irish Mama, (Brass & Sterling)

A new version of my Mama Bear Necklace (See my popular first version which will be available again soon)

For the Soccer Mom

For all the Nurturers in the world...

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas!

Part TWO, Adventures on Pirate Island, aka Gravina and the Bridge to Nowhere

Adventures on Gravina Island, Part Two
Continued from here...

Chase "found" the second treasure chest on this old sunken ship!
Pirates comparing their treasures!

Everyone helped me collect this beautiful beach glass to fill my Beach Glass Star Fish Ornaments!
Jackson examining the contents of one of the amazing treasure chest discoveries of the day! They both had an assortment of large shells, gaudy jeweled earrings (thrift store scores), European coins (left over from travels), skull charms, and one had a pair of sunglasses! Hopefully the pirates don't miss their treasure chests too much, because we took them home! ;)
Real pirates are best fueled by a little pb & j sustenance.
Jackson would like everyone to know that he is now 3 and a big boy!!
The boys re enacted the finding of the treasure boxes over and over and over!
Chase found me a beautiful "ring" on the beach, (a beach glass bottle top.)
Isn't it lovely??
If you are interested in real Alaskan beach glass jewelry, check out my friend Tristan's Etsy shop, AlaskaRocks!
Jackson was intent on trying to throw the biggest rocks he could find into the water!
Ciao Ciao Pirate Island. We will definitely be back.
Planes were flying all around us during the trip back to the home land, which definitely added some excitement to the ride!
I think our kayak has been my favorite purchase we have made together as a family! The fact that we can fit all four of us in, can take it on lakes and the ocean, and can even bring friends along, makes it so easy for us to have exciting adventures! I didn't know anything about inflatable kayaks, and was expecting them to be much more like rafts...not at all! It is completely solid and sturdy, and is also much less expensive than a hard shell. We got ours through Southeast Sea Kayaks, and could not be more pleased!
Of course I had to wear one of my AK Girl headscarves while out on the water! :)
In the back, Jack Jack and Dad.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why don't Celebrities Wear Xtra Tufs??

Here is a little collection of celebrities rockin' their rainboots...

Black, Red and Green Hunters

Red Hunters

Black Hunters

Zebra Stripes

More Black Hunters

Turquoise Marc Jacobs

My only question is, why haven't these girls discovered XTRA TUFS??

***By the way, if you must have Hunters, you can get them from Nordstroms , Amazon and Piperlime.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learn, Dream, and Discover the World

Chase spent an hour spinning the globe and asking me to name the location his little finger landed upon. After awhile, I went on to do something else, and he remained, quietly examining the places he now plans to visit. I watched him for awhile, lost in his thoughts, and was reminded of this quote that my mom loves, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alaskan Camper Cupcakes, Roast Marshmallows Over a Blazing Fire, and Make a S'more!

Chase is bringing cupcakes to preschool tomorrow. Since we have been spending more nights on the beach these days, he wanted some sort of camp fire scene. This is what I came up with...

Chase wanted all of his friends to be able to pretend they were roasting marshmallows over their fire.

Cute little fruity fire

The marshmallows on pretzels are a perfect little sweet and salty snack to have at home!

Don't these look perfectly gooey and delicious??

Cake Mix of Choice
Frosting of Choice, We thought Chocolate would look like the ground
Graham Crackers
Mini Marshmallows
Green and Yellow Sprinkles
Candy Orange Slices
I think we had the most fun exploring the candy aisle at the grocery store, deciding what would make the best decorations!
We assembled the edible decorations while the cupcakes were baking. The fire is created from the Orange Slices (Cut in half, and then half again) I used 3 little triangles for each fire. Pretzels were broken in half, which become the logs, and then we finished the fire off with some yellow sprinkles for a little sparkle.
For S'mores, graham crackers and hersheys chocolate bars were broken down into tiny squares. I attached the chocolate, cracker and mini marshmallow together with chocolate frosting.
So, frost your cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting, sprinkle with green grass sprinkles, add the campfire, s'more and marshmallow on a stick and there you have it...
A fun little Alaskan Camper Cupcake!

Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crochet Pirate Hat, Original Design, for Chase's 5th Birthday!

Buon Compleanno Chaser Racer! Happy Birthday!

I have had a vision of this hat in my head for a long time, but finally got to making it in time for Chase's 5th Birthday! He is so happy with it! (And, now Jackson can have the monkey hat full time...phew!)
I am really excited about the extra details like this "bandana knot" with the tails hanging loose.

I am feeling really ambitious with my crocheting now, and wish there were more hours in the day to do it! I like my new found freedom with it. I am not much of a patterns kind of girl, and luckily, crocheting has started to click in my head. I am finally to the point where I can figure out how to make a shape that I want, without too much time spent experimenting! When I was trying to learn how to crochet early on though, Crochet Pattern Central was my go to resource for anything I needed, and everything is free!
A back shot of the little ear complete with a gold hoop!
I am really proud to say this hat is a one of a kind, created just for my sweetie pie Chaser! I am sure there will probably be another pirate version in the works soon, for First Mate Jack.

Happy 5th Birthday Chase!

Friday, April 16, 2010

ThoseAlaskanGirls got New Boots!

Rayana just got the incredibly awesome pea green Hunter boots. Be ready for them to be photographed a hundred times over to show off the new fleece choices for SLUGS !!

(I had my car lights shining on them, to get this spotlight effect in my photograph, and still maintain the beautiful background scenery!)

Stop What You Are Doing and GO TO THE BEACH

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make Cool Coasters for Everyone You Know!

I made a large set of these recycled Alaskan Brew label coasters for our game room awhile back! These coasters are really fast to make, and can be personalized with anything flat, so get out your pictures, tickets, cards, drawings, labels, newspapers, magazines, or WHATEVER, and make a set of awesome coasters for everyone you know! :) I am thinking some pressed dried leaves, and SHAMROCKS are next on my list of coasters to make!

***A little tip for removing beer labels: Leave the bottle completely submerged in water until the label can be easily peeled off. If you start to pull it off, and it is still sticking in areas, just put it back in the water. Then just lay the label carefully on a paper towel and let it dry completely before using.

You can also get brand new Alaskan Brewing Company labels at the Brewery Gift Shop in Juneau, all the while sampling new beers and browsing their awesome apparel! For those that can't get there, you can still explore their awesome website here.

***If you like to brew your own beer like my husband, you can even recycle the bottle by cleaning/sterilizing it and saving it for your next batch of home brew!


Anyways, let's get back on track!

This is what you need: 3.5" Clear Acrylic Photo Memory Buttons. I found mine at Joann's in Juneau, and they are available online at here.

As you can see, the two plastic sides snap apart, and the pin back is easily removed. You can use the included paper insert as a guide to cut out the circle shape from whatever material you have chosen to use.

Then, just snap the two sides back together! These buttons are well designed so even though you can easily snap them apart when you are trying, they won't come apart on their own!

Ready to gift them? Everything looks cool tied up in a bit of twine, don't you think??

Joann's also had some mini photo buttons...I thought this would be another quirky gift idea for a game room, etc. Because really, how many people already have cool coasters for their shotglasses?? :)

So tell me, what are you going to put in your coasters??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adventures on Pirate Island, aka Gravina and the Bridge to Nowhere

After a short 15 minute ride over from Ketchikan, we landed on what we now fondly call Pirate Island.

Everybody do the "We Discovered New Land" dance!

There were many shipwrecked boats along the beach.

The boys truly believe they are pirates now.

Searching for long lost treasure!

Sea urchin!

Hmmm...Duck left over from Ketchikan's 4th of July festivities and the Annual Duck Race??

Planes were flying over us all day

Did anyone lose a cowboy boot?

~To Be Continued~