Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We've been saving a lot of ideas on Pinterest lately for future projects.. (I've gone a little pinterest crazy)!  I haven't been good about blogging in quite awhile now, though if any one is interested in seeing some of our recent projects, I've been pinning some pictures to my Pinterest account.  You can find my boards under Melissa Leary and our personal projects are on a board called Our Pins!


Gypsy Rose ~ Jewelry Line for Blueberry Festival

This is part of my new jewelry line for Blueberry Festival 2014 in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I am naming this line after the boat from my childhood, Gypsy Rose, as a tribute to my dad who we lost this last May, and to Alaska for providing all the beautiful naturally found materials incorporated into these pieces.

We have been enjoying collecting all kinds of natural gems and materials these last couple months!

Iron Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) was hammered out of rocks from Ketchikan’s beloved Bugges Beach just south of town.  I think I am enjoying hammering it out just as much as the boys!  :) I am mixing the chunks with brass and silver and they are so neat..raw and natural beauty! 
Four leaf clovers were found and picked by my love, who the boys used to wonder whether or not he was a leprechaun.  I wonder sometimes too for how many four leaf clovers he finds for me! ;)
Our latest halibut haul of ten oour favorite kind of fish gave me the opportunity to go in search of the beautiful ivory earbones I had read about.  They proved to be easy to find (floating around in the brain cavity) and are beautiful and delicate pieces for jewelry.   Each halibut has two ear bones.  The 87 pounder had .5” long ear bones.

I had also read about “Halibut Pearls” which I was curious about locating as well.  These were a little less fun to find in the beginning however once you survive the ewww moments with the first fish, you can handle anything!  J For the pearls, you slit the eye balls open, remove (sounds better than squeeze for this subject, haha) the slimy stuff, and then you will look inside and find a marble sized clear ball.  I read this is the fish eye lens.  I held it over the sink under running water and squeezed the out layer off, and a hard pearl like ball remained.  I washed themwell and layed them on a plate to dry.  They harden quickly and are definitely interesting.  I don’t have a plan for what to do with them yet, so for now I am just going to collect them in a jar until inspiration hits for best how to use them!
My boyfriend also helped me cut out these Alaska map cutouts for decorations for Blueberry.  These are the unfinished wood and I have a couple different plans for how to finish them, however I think just the shape alone is so cute!  

Blueberry Festival is this Saturday!  Chase is also selling some fun items, but we are keeping those a surprise.. :)