Monday, December 14, 2015

Birthday Collage from my mama :)

My mom made me this cute photo collage today!  I'm pretty impressed.. Usually she has me make her photo collages. ;) 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bridesmaid Sets in Sterling and Abalone

A friend asked me to design some jewelry sets for her bridesmaids.  Abalone and sterling are a gorgeous combo! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Salal Berries ~ Harvesting for Jelly

Our second time harvesting salal berries (aka smiley berries) for jelly and syrup!  Picked quite a bit more this year than last.  The best tip for harvesting these berries is to use scissors to cut off the whole stem (which is hopefully loaded with berries!) :)  Salal don't pull off cleanly like blueberries, so it you try to pick them individually, you will just make a huge mess!  Since we are straining the juice for jelly, it is easy to remove the stems, etc. later. 
Our friend Tilly helped us harvest this year!  Can you tell she was excited. :)  
~More of the berry pickin' gang~ 
I found this old school strainer that is the same as Tyler's mom's, at the thrift store for $5!  I was so excited! This is what we use, (with cheesecloth) to strain out all of the seeds!
And here is our yield for the 2015 season! 
(I couldn't pass up the fancy metallic purple mason jar lids!)
Salal is the new favorite around here.. It isn't really a peanut butter and jelly sandwich type of jelly though, because it such a strong flavor.. Perfect on bisquits!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

No Heat Hair Experiments!!

I've been experimenting with no heat curl options and figured I would share some of my favorites!  The curls below were the result of sleeping in Curl Former curlers.  Not a comfortable night of sleep necessarily but the curls were fantastic!  They still looked great at the end of the day, and even when I woke up the second day! 

These next results are from braiding damp hair into two Dutch braids before bed and taking them out in the morning.  This was quick and easy and created pretty, less structured curls.

I was surprised I had never heard of plopping, (having had this hair my whole life!). ;). I used a stretchy long sleeve tshirt and tied the bottom corners around the base of my head.  Then you bunch all of your hair up and roll the shirt to tighten around hair and knot to keep in place.  (At first I was thinking the shirt was supposed to function as some kind of curler however it actually works like a scruncher.)  I took it out before my hair was totally dry and it just kept getting curlier and curlier as it dried!  Also this was not bad to sleep in!

What are your favorite no heat options for your hair?

Don't Waste Your Time.. Hack to make your tshirts VINTAGE SOFT does not work!! :/

Have you pinned that hack on Pinterest that says you can easily soften your tshirts with a saltwater soak? I hate to have to rain on the parade but I really was so excited to try this.. It sounded so simple and I LOVE vintage soft tshirts.  These were the instructions:

So far I have tried a few attempts on my collection of Alaska Brewing Co. Tshirts and have not gotten the soft results I was so hoping for... I tried a three day salt water soak.  I tried a 5 day salt water soak.  I tried an ocean water 5 day soak.  No luck..  :/  Has anyone found a way to achieve vintage, buttery soft results on new tshirts? If so, please share tips!  My next ideas are sand paper..  I will report back if I find a solution for the vintage soft results!!


Cocktails Sign!!

My mama has quite a few cocktail specialties.. She always uses fresh ingredients and has really perfected some favorites.  I wanted to make her a chalkboard style sign for a fun conversation piece in her home.  I love how it came out, with all of her specialties!!  I cut out the size of wood that I wanted and used the router to give a nice decorative edge.  Then I painted the wood with black glossy paint, and used paint pens that I found in the craft section of Walmart.  The white especially needed two coats for good vibrant coverage.  I ended up being really happy with the vibrant colors on black!  After the paint was dry I sprayed four coats of poly finishing spray for a beautiful final result.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's ~ Is that deer still moving?

We had the ultimate April Fool's prank for the boys last year... It went on for months, rather than just the one day though! ;)  Every couple weeks Tyler would switch between two deer heads in the living room.. One was looking out the window, and one was looking into the room.  Every once in awhile I would catch Jackson gazing over at the deer head with a slightly confused expression, but it took FOREVER for them to actually figure it out and say something!! hahah

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Bites On! Charters in Ketchikan, Alaska; A Charter Fishing Review by ThoseAlaskanGirls

I get a lot of emails from people who find this blog while planning their Alaskan vacation adventures.  It is always one of two questions: Who should I go fishing with, and/or where can I purchase Xtratufs? :)  So, here is my recommendation for a great local charter fisherman in Ketchikan, who I am very fortunate to have fished with many times now! 
If you are looking for an excellent Alaskan fishing adventure, Clay is the Captain to call!  Having been in the business for over 30 years, Captain Clay Slanaker really knows fishing!  He also has a fun sense of humor and exciting outdoor adventure stories to share, along with a wonderfully large, clean and comfortable boat, the Killin’ Time
We did some serious salmon slaying on the Killin’ Time during the 2013 Ketchikan Fishing Derby.  I will let the pictures do the talking for what can happen aboard this boat! 

(This double hit during a lightning storm!)
The credit for all of this fishing success definitely goes to the knowledge and skills of Clay and Tyler!  Years and years of experience and knowledge of the right gear, correct boat speed and the hot spots are just some of the things that make the difference in successful fishing in Ketchikan!    
Besides the fishing, Clay can show you around our beautiful piece of the world.. Here are a couple shots of scenery and wildlife I took on the water during Derby weekends in Ketchikan.



More action on the Killin’ Time.. Tyler and Clay introduced me to Winter King fishing this year..  (I didn’t even know you could eat fresh king salmon in the winter until I met these two).  Clay and I doubled up first thing in the morning back in January with these beauties! 
More success on the Killin’ Time!  On another trip in January Chase caught a fifty pound halibut!  I do believe he will be proud of this monster catch for the rest of his life! (As he should be!)
Chase and Tyler with Tanner crab on the Killin' Time.
One thing is for sure, if the fish are biting, Captain Clay and the Killin’ Time can find them!  If you are looking for a great charter, check out his website and make a reservation.  Bring a couple of your best jokes because Clay likes to laugh, your lucky Seattle Seahawks hat if you have one, and be ready for a fantastic Alaskan fishing adventure
**Random little thing: (I actually posted a pic of this boat on a "boats of the day" post a couple years ago (year before I knew Clay).

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eagle vs. Seagull

Right next to the road out south of town in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Halibut Earbones ~ Otoliths ~ Harvesting for jewelry

Last year I started harvesting the ivory earbones from our halibut hauls.  They are beautiful, delicate pieces for jewelry!  (It is like finding treasure looking for these!)
I had been reading up on how to locate them for awhile.  Then, when I was ready to try though, there were tons of people waiting at the cleaning station. :/  So.. I convinced Tyler to put all ten heads in a separate bag so I could work on finding them at home.  It took me a bit to locate the first one, but once you get the idea of where they are, it is easy.  (Sneaking back down to the dock to try to casually dump my ten heads at the end of all of this was a whole separate adventure). ;)
A tip:  I did learn yesterday down at the cleaning station with these two, that it is much easier with just the head.  Moving the whole fish carcass around was a little bit trickier!
Anyways, if you want to harvest them, hopefully these pictures will be more helpful than just written instructions.  Start by removing the parts of the fish you are going to eat of course!)  Then you begin by making a cut above the top eye.  (You might end up making a couple cuts following this first one, as you figure out where you are in the fish.)  What you are trying to cut is the top layer of the brain cavity (shown below).  Once you have the brain cavity opened up there will be a hole.  When you lift the fish upright and look inside that hole, you will see two chambers. 
With the fish still upright, I very carefully poke my knife in one side to get things moving around.  (Slow movements are best to prevent breaking the ivory).  Once I see the otolith start to float around, I turn the fish back on its side and work the otolith out with the knife.  (Like lifting up a pizza slice). Repeat in the other cavity for the second otolith. 
Once you get them cleaned up they are beautiful! This one is from an 87 lb halibut Tyler caught last summer. (I kept this one and wear it all the time!)
 Here are some pieces I sold at 2014 Blueberry Festival in Ketchikan. 
*If you do bring the heads home with you, be sure to be ready to dump them back in the ocean as soon as you are done with them! Nothing smells worse than old halibut! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Salmon Sisters Clothing is now available in Ketchikan!!

Chinook and Co. is carrying Salmon Sisters clothing!  Yay!!  Such great designs!  I wear my Salmon Sisters stuff ALL THE TIME!
All Good Things Are Wild and Free Sweatshirt

Salmon Sweatshirt
Rockfish T