Monday, August 24, 2015

Bridesmaid Sets in Sterling and Abalone

A friend asked me to design some jewelry sets for her bridesmaids.  Abalone and sterling are a gorgeous combo! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Salal Berries ~ Harvesting for Jelly

Our second time harvesting salal berries (aka smiley berries) for jelly and syrup!  Picked quite a bit more this year than last.  The best tip for harvesting these berries is to use scissors to cut off the whole stem (which is hopefully loaded with berries!) :)  Salal don't pull off cleanly like blueberries, so it you try to pick them individually, you will just make a huge mess!  Since we are straining the juice for jelly, it is easy to remove the stems, etc. later. 
Our friend Tilly helped us harvest this year!  Can you tell she was excited. :)  
~More of the berry pickin' gang~ 
I found this old school strainer that is the same as Tyler's mom's, at the thrift store for $5!  I was so excited! This is what we use, (with cheesecloth) to strain out all of the seeds!
And here is our yield for the 2015 season! 
(I couldn't pass up the fancy metallic purple mason jar lids!)
Salal is the new favorite around here.. It isn't really a peanut butter and jelly sandwich type of jelly though, because it such a strong flavor.. Perfect on bisquits!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

No Heat Hair Experiments!!

I've been experimenting with no heat curl options and figured I would share some of my favorites!  The curls below were the result of sleeping in Curl Former curlers.  Not a comfortable night of sleep necessarily but the curls were fantastic!  They still looked great at the end of the day, and even when I woke up the second day! 

These next results are from braiding damp hair into two Dutch braids before bed and taking them out in the morning.  This was quick and easy and created pretty, less structured curls.

I was surprised I had never heard of plopping, (having had this hair my whole life!). ;). I used a stretchy long sleeve tshirt and tied the bottom corners around the base of my head.  Then you bunch all of your hair up and roll the shirt to tighten around hair and knot to keep in place.  (At first I was thinking the shirt was supposed to function as some kind of curler however it actually works like a scruncher.)  I took it out before my hair was totally dry and it just kept getting curlier and curlier as it dried!  Also this was not bad to sleep in!

What are your favorite no heat options for your hair?

Don't Waste Your Time.. Hack to make your tshirts VINTAGE SOFT does not work!! :/

Have you pinned that hack on Pinterest that says you can easily soften your tshirts with a saltwater soak? I hate to have to rain on the parade but I really was so excited to try this.. It sounded so simple and I LOVE vintage soft tshirts.  These were the instructions:

So far I have tried a few attempts on my collection of Alaska Brewing Co. Tshirts and have not gotten the soft results I was so hoping for... I tried a three day salt water soak.  I tried a 5 day salt water soak.  I tried an ocean water 5 day soak.  No luck..  :/  Has anyone found a way to achieve vintage, buttery soft results on new tshirts? If so, please share tips!  My next ideas are sand paper..  I will report back if I find a solution for the vintage soft results!!


Cocktails Sign!!

My mama has quite a few cocktail specialties.. She always uses fresh ingredients and has really perfected some favorites.  I wanted to make her a chalkboard style sign for a fun conversation piece in her home.  I love how it came out, with all of her specialties!!  I cut out the size of wood that I wanted and used the router to give a nice decorative edge.  Then I painted the wood with black glossy paint, and used paint pens that I found in the craft section of Walmart.  The white especially needed two coats for good vibrant coverage.  I ended up being really happy with the vibrant colors on black!  After the paint was dry I sprayed four coats of poly finishing spray for a beautiful final result.